Long time no see/write...

So if anyone here on livejournal has been wondering what's become of me in the past 2 years since my last post, I sadly am no longer using this account. I still check in here for other stuff, but for the most part, I've been heavily active on DeviantArt, Facebook, and Tumblr. If anyone from here on LJ wants to reconnect or keep in touch (who aren't already), then here is my info for ya...

I may use this journal again for something interesting in the future, but for the moment I'm out of ideas what it'd be good for. If anyone would like to add me on Facebook, then please send me a note - I don't want to make that public on this journal. Laterz, peeps...

AkiCon 2011 Recap...

AkiCon was such an amazing con. So many cool things happened! First time I've ever changed cosplays more than once in a day for all 3 days of it, and though I got so exhausted that even this week I'm still tired, it was so worth it all. Got to hang out with friends I miss so very much (like Kaizen), saw some really awesome cosplays that people debuted (it brought me such joy to see several oldschool favorites get some love this year, as well as new faves - like Blue Exorcist, for example), the opening ceremonies had an epic dance/video thing at the end & my bud Leslie suprised me with the debut of his Seto Kaiba cosplay during it (plus the surprise of seeing that the vid they made at PAX in front of the con's van got shown; me dressed as Mario, my bud Alec as Dave Strider, and a bunch of other Homestuck folks doing caramell dansen...LOL), enjoyed #Umbrella-Duelists' panel ("We Love Yu-Gi-Oh"; it was okay, but thanks to having only a stupid hour for it, a majorly cool part got cut and that sucked immensely - hoping to try having it at SakuraCon and get 2 hours this time), had the most hilarious time ever with an embarassing moment (accidently farted real bad in Kaizen's hotel room from laughing a lot, and got assaulted with vanilla Febreeze shortly; had some amusing vengeance against me later at the 18+ Anime Dating Game when Kaizen started using fart jokes while I was up on stage), had some seriously awesome fun at all 3 of the Homestuck photoshoots that happened at the con (I have to say that the Homestuck fans here in Washington are some really cool folks & a blast to hang out with), wandering around Artists' Alley a lot was great (so many friends had tables there this year!), the awesomeness of when my friend Sarah's bud Kao decided to wear Airika's old Yami Yugi wig along with Jordyn's millennium puzzle and Kao's own crimson prom dress briefly to the masquerade ball, the wonderful time I had with all my roomies (I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH! *internet huggles*), made some interesting new friends (like Briana, one of Kaizen's friends from Oregon), and having a great time hanging around the con for a long time on the last day (and witnessing the crazyness of when Kaizen and Briana learned that a bag that'd been originally on top of their car and shoved inside when they arrived at the con, was in fact, coated in cat pee and made the whole car reek... let's just say it ended up being an epic battle with vanilla Febreeze and chilling in the parking lot, eating homemade moon pies...LOL).

Definitely looking forward to next year's AC and hoping it will be even more fun and amazing (and hopefully with less drama; getting in trouble with a few people over stuff is depressing and I'm sure makes the con less fun for all involved in whatever mess arises).

AkiCon 2011 is just a short time away...

Less than a week until AkiCon 2011, and I'm so nervous & excited. Not only are some of my favorite VAs gonna be there (Kyle Hebert, Quinton Flynn, Takahata101), but lots of other awesome stuff is going on. And of course, staying with a bunch of my friends from Umbrella Duelists is pretty great. I sure hope that our "We Love Yu-Gi-Oh!" panel will be an okay success. Considering that we have so much stuff to fit into just an hour, I really hope it turns out allright. Going to spend tonight and tomorrow getting all my cosplays and other things all ready and packed up, so that way I have no issues come up the night before I head to the convention. So... next time I post in here, it'll be with a lovely con report! (and hopefully not take forever to get around to it, either...LOL)

So much awesomeness my head is spinning...

OKAY. So, to fill you in on what I mentioned last in my previous update = My debut of the Aimless Renegade at August's GasuKan was quite a nice success, albeit a bit awkward (the caution tape hates me... argh). It was surprisingly not that hot of an outfit to wear, even though it was roasty-toasty that day. Also made a new friend at that GK, who's a bombastic guy who amusingly nicknamed himself "Mexi-Kamina" (since he's hispanic and cosplays as Kamina).

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OH, and here's another great outcome of the con - got myself a tumblr account: http://ladyshinsei.tumblr.com/

(No clue how to use it, though... if anyone wants to help me with this, PLEASE DO...)

Here is an update of sorts...

SakuraCon 2011 certainly was a blast for me this year, and I got to do loads more during the con than usual. So much in fact, that it'd take me far too long to describe it all (that, and I've been rather lazy lately... oops). Had a total blast with my roomies and all my friends, and it was pretty epic and awesome-sauce. Definitely looking forward to next year's SC, and hopefully it being even better than this year.

Then there was the Chinatown Seafair/Cosplay Parade... This was certainly a blast for me this year, and not only was it my first time wearing my Prince Janus cosplay in public (as opposed to at a con in the case of last year's AkiCon when I debuted this costume), but also my first time wearing a compression vest I bought. Still didn't get a decent enough photo of it to post in my gallery on DeviantArt, though. Bunch of folks sure loved my Alfador plushie when they caught sight of it; wonder if I can get a photographer bud to take a pic of that little cute fuzzy.

Been hanging out with my bud Sarah quite a bit (and the same time come to realize that I love the city of Everett as much as I do Seattle...LOL), have come up with an interesting cosplay idea for next year's SakuraCon if I can afford it (a gijinka version of the classic MLP character named "Majesty"), and if all goes well, I shall be doing a Homestuck cosplay at this month's GasuKan (the character I'm doing - The Aimless Renegade).

In not-so-happy news, my job is now sucking worse than it ever has before in the 5 years I've worked there. All thanks to my truly fucked up of a douchebag boss, who has now made it that I only get 11 hours of work a week and can't even get extra hours when a co-worker is sick, etc. So, that translates to no longer having money to do anything (not even buy lunch/a beverage while out; it's that bad). Been trying like crazy to apply for a new job, but I keep having rotten luck (mostly in the form of being told that the places aren't hiring).

Seriously do hope things get better for me soon, and at least I have some awesome stuff to look forward to that I don't have much to worry about finance-wise... PAX at the end of the month (gonna do what I did last year and just hang around the public areas of the convention center while in cosplay) and having fun hanging out with a friend from Canada during it, then there is Aki Matsuri in September (sure hope I can get enough money in time to pre-register for SakuraCon while I'm there), and then finally AkiCon in October - which I get to run a panel at for the first time ("We Love Yu-Gi-Oh!" @ 4pm on the 2nd day of the convention, October 8th).

SakuraCon is in 4 days...

So excited. This year's SakuraCon is certainly not going to disappoint, no matter what.

I may have some stress going on right now that might put a damper on it a little (cleaning the entire apartment for an inspection, and this place is nowhere near ready; it's a disaster, sadly), but I won't let that ruin my con experience. Staying with a bunch of my friends (my good bud Gin and a bunch of members of Umbrella Duelists Cosplay), and it should be quite an amusing time with so many goofballs in the same room. XD

Also hope to meet up with a bud I haven't seen in years... lavaliere 

May this year's con be as epic as many hope it will be, and thensome. And I'm certainly delighted that the old "anti Yu-Gi-Oh VA guest" curse has been lifted from the convention... with Michael Sinterniklaas and Cassandra Lee Morris being guests this year. So awesome-sauce.

Next time I post in here, it will be a lovely con report for you all to enjoy. <3

GasuKan-Fail & Some Awesome Stuff

Sadly, I will be missing out on GasuKan #35. After all the grief I went through battling with some people over the location for this one (to the point of wanting to smack them upside the head for their stupidity, etc.), I am missing out on it now thanks to my douche-y boss forcing me to work on Saturday. And not only am I upset after what I went through in the planning of this GK, but I am missing out on hanging out with my friend David, who recently moved to Canada and it's a big deal that he gets to attend. He may be going to SakuraCon, but I am most certain he'll want to spend most of his time with other close friends of his and it's a huge bummer. T__T

Anyway, enough of that depressing shit. I have Sunday to look forward to. For those of you who aren't in the know (or members of the LJ community playthedamncard ), it's the day I get to see the movie "Yu-Gi-Oh: Bonds Beyond Time". Going with some of the Washington state members of my cosplay group (Umbrella Duelists) and a few other buds, possibly duel with those bringing some TCG decks, and enjoy seeing an epic movie... while in cosplay, to boot.

And then the following weekend, as long as my boss doesn't pull any crap on me over it (I already paid for my ticket, so if he tries to make me work that day, I will seriously freak), I will be attending one day of Emerald City Comic Con - which shall be my first time going and I look forward to having a lot of fun (and cosplaying as either some random Jedi Knight or else pull off being a "Jedi Jawa" for fun...LOL).

I'm still alive and kicking...

Just letting you all know that I'm still alive, just been uber busy with the holidays and my job/usual daily crap. GasuKan was certainly a blast last month, and I got some neat Christmas gifts while there (like an ORCA bus card; booyeah). Also attended one of the Hetalia fan gatherings for the first time, and that was lots of fun despite my cosplay of Liechtenstein being odd (borrowed ruiza 's Switzerland wig, wore a holiday-ish red dress, and tiny fabric angel wings I got at DAISO; basically, I was the "Christkindli", or Christmas Angel, version of Liechtenstein). Got to attend one of the awesome lightsaber photoshoots that my bud Ken does on occasion (dress up or wear cosplay, or even just normal clothes, and do epic action poses and other fun stuff with the many lightsabers that he owns; bring your own, too, if you have one), and ended up with several badass pics of my elegant attempt at doing an evil Sith version of a Drakyan Elf (even had fabulous black makeup around my eyes that went down my cheeks into little lightningbolts). If anyone wants to see the 2 best of all those, let me know. Going to GasuKan for this month on Saturday, and shall be doing a fun "New Year Festival" version of Maximillion Pegasus from Yu-Gi-Oh (a.k.a. him in a crazy kimono with a mask; hoping to make a mask of Funny Bunny to go with it...LOL).

Got a bunch of stuff to get done in time for SakuraCon, and hope that gets worked out. Next time I post in here will probably be about my plans and such matters. Oh baby, I sure hope this year's SC will be as awesome as I hope it will be. <3


AkiCon 2010 has come and gone, but oh man... if I could do that again, I would (though definitely make sure to have brought an air mattress to avoid the agony of not sleeping thanks to my roomies being a pain).

I didn't get to stay with my bud Li (a.k.a. "Foxas" as she's known at cons), because her g/f got into some serious bad stuff involving the law (she couldn't leave their state, and she is the driver for Li and her buds whenever they go to a con; not to mention needing money real bad for legal fees). Instead, I took the last-minute invitation to stay with a guy I know from GasuKan named Mike. He's okay, but some of his roommates at the con were... well, I'd best not say anything mean about them. Let's just say that one of them was the source of some highly unwanted con drama that I really didn't want to go through. UGH. That, and having to sleep on the floor while putting up with the fact that Mike uses techno music to fall asleep to (which I love as much as he does, but it also sucked for me since anything I hear while trying to fall asleep only ends up keeping me awake). Anyhoo, that unpleasantry aside, it really was a wonderful con experience over all. In fact, it was more fun that I've ever had at SakuraCon and the previous 2 AkiCon - combined...

So, to keep you guys from having a giganticly massive post appear in your f-list, you can enjoy the full details of my account of the con by going over to read it at my journal on DeviantArt. And yes, there was so much awesomeness and fun to be had that I needed to split up the report into 3 parts. Booyeah. <3

AKI CON DRAWS NEAR... booyeah.

So, in response to my previous post, I am definitely going to AkiCon. No matter what my folks say to me, I'm not letting my roomies/friends down and most certainly not letting my bud Airika down on helping her with her "live action pokemon battle" event that'll be on the first day of the con. Got most of my stuff ready for it except for some cosplay stuff in need of getting finished (wish me luck on that...ugh), and even got myself an epic new suitcase/backpack thingy to carry all my stuff in - which has the front of it covered in the image of Yami Yugi's sexy "serious dueling" face (and showing a bit of his arm and duel disk along with it...LOL). Major win on finding that lovely bit of merchandise at a local purse & suitcase place (hidden behind a dorky Sponge Bob suitcase; boy am I glad I can recognize Yami's hair from far away).

Anyhoo, as of tonight I have officially decided that Hitomi Shimatani is truly my #1 most favorite singer from Japan. Was looking up my favorite vids of hers on YouTube to show a buddy of mine on DeviantArt (FALCO & Destiny - Taiyou no Hana), and came accross some ones I never saw before. "Mermaid", "Camellia", and "Garnet Moon". The last 2 have seriously badass music yet their videos are kind of normal-ish, however "Mermaid" has Hitomi's usual artsy surreal-fantasy vibe to it... and makes me think a smidge of it being a modern spin on Japanese ghost tales in a way. Thus, in honor of it being the night before Halloween, I shall post here a link to that eerie vid for you all to enjoy... mwa ha ha...